Infinity Meditation sanctuary retreats are where you learn how to discover your inner gifts and resourcefulness. Through ancient practices and disciplines such as meditation, divination, creativity and play! you bring into union the mind and body, spirit and soul.

My retreats are about discovering intimacy (in-to-me-see) your ability to become whole, at one with yourself. It is the illusion of separation and the duality of the mind that causes us suffering and to feel isolated or lonely. Throughout our time together on retreat, I help and support you so you can learn how to let go, relax and discover the universe of potentiality, joy and peace that dwells within you, always.

These retreats are for you if you wish to have more meaningful, rewarding relationships, enhance your emotional intelligence, discover new coping strategies, manifest abundance and success, whatever that means to you personally. Most of all to become more loving, accepting and compassionate towards yourself and others.

My heart-led vocational work is based on ancient practices that are empowering and enlightening. I am purely a facilitator, a supporter, a friend here to provide a safe, loving space where you can learn from your own inner wisdom.

I will share with you simple and easy practices where you use the light of your awareness and the love of your heart and soul to clear away negative thoughts and transform them with love into thoughts and actions that do serve you.


Meditation & Mindfulness Sanctuary Retreats with Alison Day








My retreats offer you a rare opportunity to escape the pressures of everyday life and retreat into a sanctuary of  peace,  joy and relaxation. Your retreat includes refreshments and a light lunch as well as a chance to meet new people and make new friends.

Deep meditation, inner child work, drawing/painting, journaling and simply allowing yourself to discover the sanctuary that dwells within yourself will provide you with a weekend break that will have you feeling totally relaxed and rejuvenated!

2020 meditation & mindfulness retreats will be announced soon.


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