Pi Network crypto opportunity

If after watching the short video above you would like to know more about the Pi Network crypto currency opportunity to read their white paper & FAQ's click on the Pi coin on the left below - for their Facebook Group page click on the purple logo.









As I share in my video I believe we are entering a time of rapid growth in a digital lifestyle. Don't be surprised if before the end of 2020 or by 2021 large corporations such as Microsoft, Amazon and Virgin may announce they will start accepting crypto currencies for payment of goods and services.

The Pi Network is still in the early days of development, it could fail, but it may very well succeed. I am participating at this time as I believe it is 'a moment in time opportunity' to mine Pi on your phone for free. As of April 2020 they have 3.5 million people on their network by the time they reach 10 million this opportunity to mine Pi for free will have passed.

Do your own due diligence and use your own discernment and judgement on whether you choose to join.

If you are a subscriber, client or know me and would like to receive your first free Pi coin from me click on the banner below to get in touch with me or use the [Contact Page]

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